Shantivanam – Saccidanânda Ashram, Tamil Nadu.

With its hermitages scattered in the forest, its church, its fine mediation area, Shantivanam is still the Christian ashram desired by Jules Monchanin, Henri Le Saux and Bede Griffiths. But – sign of the times – the Camaldolese have just opened a new novitiate built on the European model. Many Westerners frequent the guest house and appreciate finding there a centre of Christian meditation with traditional Indian characteristics. I cannot forget the happy moment when Sr Marie-Louis and Sr Sarananda, nuns of the neighbouring women’s community, and I called to mind the three founders, each of us having our own preference...

Sr Bruno-Marie Colin, OSB


Four Days in Saccidananda
The Christian Ashram of Fr. Bede Griffiths (1906-1993)

by Br. Harold Thibodeau, the Abbey of Gethsemani

This account of a visit to the ashram of Fr. Bede Griffiths was written by Br. Harold, one of our MID advisors, some months after his return from a trip to India about nine years ago. In light of Fr. Bede’s continuing influence, we present it here in slightly revised form. 

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