The community of Sangha Shantivanam, both individually and collectively, has been on a quest to know God and discover our path as Christians. We rely on the wisdom found in all the world's great spiritual traditions. We are doing this for ourselves and for the whole world – to bring the peace, kindness, wisdom, compassion, joy, and courage that comes from spiritual practice.


There are three components to spiritual search – the individual or seeker, the community or sangha and the grace that guides us and gives us strength.


When we make a public commitment to our practice, as in our annual commitment ceremony, we are making the community more real and ourselves stronger in practice.


Through Fr Cyprian’s leadership and the inspiration of The Holy Spirit, we are invoking grace that carries us through, individually and collectively, in everything we do in the coming year.  Every community establishes its own way to affirm its membership. Sangha Shantivanam recognizes that its members participate at different levels. This is a chance for us to see one another and support one another in our daily practice. It is a celebration of who we are together.