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Andrew Louth

“The Wilderness of God”

     ALouthBC WildnGod0.9x1.4    

Anselm Gruen

“Heaven Begins Within You, Wisdom From the Desert Fathers”

     AGruenBC HeavBegins0.9x1.4

Bede Griffiths

“Universal Wisdom, A Journey Through the Sacred Wisdom of the World”

      BedeGBC UnivWisd0.93x1.5

Bede Griffiths

“River of Compassion”


Bede Griffiths

“The Marriage of East and West”

     BedeGBC MarrEW0.9x1.5

Bede Griffiths

“The New Creation in Christ”

     BedeGBC NewCreaChri0.9x1.4

Bede Griffiths

“A New Vision of Reality: Western Science, Eastern Mysticism and Christian Faith”

    BedeGBC NewVis9.94x1.5

Benedicta Ward, SLG (translation)

“The Sayings of the Desert Fathers”

      BWardhBC DesertFathers0.88x1.4

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

“Enlightened Courage”

    DilgoBC EnlightCoura0.89x1.4

Eknath Easwaran (translation)

“The Upanishads”


Evagrius Ponticus

“The Praktikosand and Chapters on Prayer”

     EPonticusBC Prakt0.85x1.4

Gil Fronsdal (translation)

“The Dhammapada”

     GFronsdalBC Dhamma0.91x1.4

Jean-Yves Leloup

(translation by M.S. Laird)

“Being Still, Reflections on an Ancient Mystical Tradition”

      JYLeloupBC BEingStill0.89x1.4

Kabir Helminski

“The Knowing Heart, A Sufi Path of Transformation”

     KHelminskiBC KnowHeart0.92x1.4

Lao Tzu (translation by Sam Hamill)

“Tao Te Ching, A New Translation”


M. Basil Pennington

“Lectio Divina: Renewing the Ancient Practice of Praying the Scriptures”

    MBasisPenBC LecDiv0.95x1.4

Michael Strassfeld

“A Book of Life, Embracing Judaism as a Spiritual Practice”

     MStrassfeldBC BookLife0.89x1.4 

Thomas Cleary 


“The Essential Koran”

     TClearyBC EssentKoran0.86x1.4

Thomas Ryan

“Prayer of Heart and Body, Meditation and Yoga as Christian Spiritual Practice”

    TRyanBC PrayHeartBody0.93x1.4

Timothy Radcliffe, O.P.

“What is the Point of Being a Christian?”

    TRadcliffeBC PtBeingChrist0.88x1.4

William Harmless, S.J.


    WHarmlessBC Mystics0.91x1.4

William Johnston

“Arise, My Love: Mysticism for a New Era”

     Arise My Love bk cvr0.97x1.5
Sam Keen "In the Absenceof God"         SamKeenInAbsencer