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Sangha Meeting & Vision Planning
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Sangha Meeting, Sunday, October 6, 2019, 4-6 pm

Visioning and Planing - 

At our next meeting we will work on timelines and our personal commitments. Next September, 2020 we will evaluate how we are doing.

We will focus on several items: (all of which are more fully explained in the attached letter )

  • Re-Messaging Sangha - clarify our focus on meditation both as personal practice and in community and study of all the world's Wisdom traditions (resource: Fr Cyprian's book "Prayer in the Cave of the Heart)
  • Organizational Structure - people are needed to serve on our leadership / service committee meeting monthly
  • New Year's VIgil Re-Focus - "Caring for Creation-Peace on the Planet", our theme this year will be focused on Reconciliation to the younger generation and animals.
  • Study Focus - we will read together our foundational text, Fr Cyprian's book "Prayer in the Cave of the Heart". The schedule for dates and chapters to read is found in the attached letter
  • Field Trip to New Camaldoli Hermitage - in the planning stage


Letter pdf

Reading schedule (from the Letter)

Oct. 6  All Sangha Prayer/Meditation and Strategies Meeting

Oct 20: “Cave of the Heart” Preface pg. vii 

Nov 3 “Cave of the Heart” Ch 1

Nov 17 “Cave of the Heart” Ch 2

Dec 1 “Cave of the Heart” Ch 3

Dec 15 Community Potluck 

TENTATIVE 2020 Dates

Jan 5 “Cave of the Heart” Ch 4

Jan 19 “Cave of the Heart” Ch 5

Feb 16 “Cave of the Heart” Ch 6

Mar 8 “Cave of the Heart” Ch 7

Mar 22 “Cave of the Heart” Ch 8


front cvr CC book    back cvr CC book



Location Sangha Room, Holy Cross Pastoral Center, 210 High Street, Santa Cruz
Please remember to park in the designated parking spaces behind the building

Upcoming Events

31 Dec 2019n06:00PM - 10:30PMnNew Year's Eve Vigil
05 Jan 2020n02:30PM - 06:00PMnSangha Meeting & Service Committee Meeting
19 Jan 2020n04:00PM - 06:00PMnSangha Meeting
01 Feb 2020n07:00AM - 05:00PMnPilgrimage to New Camaldoli Hermitage
16 Feb 2020n04:00PM - 06:00PMnSangha Meeting