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Sangha Meeting & Visioning/Planning

Sangha Meeting, Sunday, September 8, 2019, 3-6 pm

Visioning and Planing - 

In addition to 'Visioning and Planning' we will also include our usual practice of prayer and meditation.

A potluck supper will follow the meeting, please bring something vegetarian or vegan to accompany a hearty soup.

Also, please click on PDF, to open a letter from Ziggy describing her reflections from a recent retreat at the Redwoods Monastery in Whitethorn, CA. Ziggy's letter addresses the concept the the visioning/planning 'workshop,' which includes where we've been, where we are, where we're headed...   Please read her letter.

Additionally, a 'design team' will meet with Liz Lindsley on Wednesday, September 4th, 11 am in the Sangha room to help shape the visioning/planning meeting to be held on the following Sunday, 9/8/19.  

If you are interested to join Ziggy, Liz as the 'design team' meets on Wednesday 9/4, 11 am, you will be most welcome!


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