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Sangha Field trip to New Camaldoli Hermitage
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Sangha Field trip Saturday, July 10, 2021

 to New Camaldoli Hermitage

It was a beautiful, memorable day together at New Camaldoli Hermitage, and you were all part of our prayers and conversation.

We're happy to be able to share Fr. Cyprian's presentation with you. Based on his newest book, The God who Gave You Birth: A Spirituality of Kenosis, coming out in August, his words were enlightening and uplifting!

[His talk ends at one hour, but we included the last part of our prayer service.]



A few photos 


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Announcement for the Retreat at New Camaldoli Hermitage



Location New Camaldoli Hermitage
New Camaldoli Hermitage
62475 Highway 1 (Lucia)
Big Sur, CA 93920-9533

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