August 6, 2017 Sangha Meeting: 

Fr Cyprian was present for the meeting.

Here is a recording of his talk:


July 23, 2017 Sangha Meeting:

Notes and photos from 'Poetry and Art'

Mary Thomas and Janis O'Driscoll shared poetry, art and even cloting selections!

To listen to a recording of their engaging presentation and a beautiful poem by former Poet Laureate of New York, Marie Howe, click here.


Marie Howe's poem inspired Janis' print, "The Meadow"


More about Marie Howe:

Her poem PDF & a web clip from 'On Being" with Krista Tippett

Web site:


Mary Thomas' web site:


Several more of Janis' prints:




 May 21, 2017 Sangha Meeting:

Notes from the May 21st Meeting by Joe Neary (Thank you, Joe!)

John Devalcourt, Society of Friends:

A central belief of the Quakers (also known Society of Friends) is that everyone is equal in the eyes of God and that everyone has equal access to the Spirit. In their meetings, they gather in silence and wait for the Spirit to speak to them. They are instructed to wait until they ‘cannot not speak’. Sometimes when this happens, a person will begin to shake, hence the nickname Quakers. They believe that when a member experiences the seed of God in them, they will become transformed. Secondly, Quakers are not waiting for the second coming. Their view is that there is nothing to wait for, it’s all available to us now.Thirdly, Quakers believe in continuing revelation in the sense that revelation didn’t end with Christ and that people are not born sinful - we’re ‘good to go’ from the beginning. And that God manifests him/her self in the world.

Quakers and other peace churches (Mennonites, Keepers) have been granted Conscientious Objector status since their founding because their founder, George Fox, promised King Charles II in the early 17th Century after the reign of Cromwell that they would not fight against him. Quakers became known for their honesty and integrity, and people came to trust the companies founded by Quakers including Barclays Bank and Cadbury Chocolate. 

May 7, 2017 Sangha Meeting:

 At our May 7th gathering we welcomed retired United Church of Christ Pastor, Matt Broadbent and his wife, Barbara.  Matt's sonorous voice and prescient theological observations reflected his legacy as both the son of a minister and the father of a minister.  (His son, Ben, recently moved  to a new assignment in Sebastopol.)  There was much to be learned, and Matt's relaxed and loving delivery added to our appreciation of his  insights.


Here is a link to a recording of his presentation: