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Sangha Meeting
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Sangha Meeting, Sunday, May 19, 2019, 4-6 pm

 And.. Service Committee Meeting from 6-7 pm, planning for future meetings and/or other agenda items

During the regular sangha meeting:

We will continus discussion of Fr Richard Rohr's book: "The Universal Christ"

Chapters to read 5-6

Purchasing the book from Fr Rohr's Center of Action and Contemplation in New Mexico will contribute to his center.

Please come, to enrich our study of this sacred book.


The following is a link to a recording of the discussion on Chapters 4-7 from Fr Rohr's book "The Universal Christ"

                                                                              (posted on 5/25/19)



Location Sangha Room, Holy Cross Pastoral Center, 210 High Street, Santa Cruz
Please remember to park in the designated parking spaces behind the building

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